Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Haunted Heart wins a Black Quill Award

The Haunted and Other Tales, my collection of gay-themed ghost stories, won the Black Quill Award for Best Dark Genre Fiction Collection-Editors' Choice given by Dark Scribe Magazine.

Dark Scribe -- magazine and press -- has been at the forefront of developing, presenting, promoting, and recognizing “queer horror,” so I am very grateful for this recognition. Among the other gay authors who are Black Quill recipients this year is Paul G. Bens Jr. for Best Small Press Chill-Editors' Choice for his novel Kelland. Paul has been collecting some amazing reviews and well-earned word of mouth on his new novel.

Dark Scribe magazine is also celebrating February as Queer Horror month and will have a forthcoming interview with me about The Haunted Heart and Other Tales. Also up will be an interview with Tom Cardamone, author of the collection Pumpkin Teeth. Tom is good friend and a great author and I’m delighted to see his quirky, weird, and ingenious stories finding an audience. Dark Scribe will also have an interview with the terrific writer Lee Thomas, whose new collection In the Closet, Under the Bed is destined to be a landmark in queer horror.